Creativing :: YouTube tips for goin’ viral, Big Brother on Facebook, and new media units when you fly

What’s going on in new media marketing, pulled from social bookmarking site

Tweet of the Week

“Orkut for Android?” Nice. If they just added pro sports, scrapbooking, and Ron Paul, I’d finally have my perfect “Who Cares?” engine.

Five Keys For Creating Viral YouTube Titles

Interest in creating viral videos will probably be around for a while. These simple tips are well worth the quick read. I also found the video for creating a “Tim Burton” look with makeup surprisingly interesting.

Digital Marketing: YouTube Opens Up Overlays – Advertising Age

I still say the YouTube deal will ultimately play out (and pay out) well for Google. With the level of usage still going through the roof, and Google wanting to get their text ads in every nook and cranny of the Internet, this video-based version of Adwords is right out of their play book.

“My Mom’s On Facebook” Song Goes Viral

From somewhere between Twisted Sister and Save By The Bell comes this video that’s trending upward. Not sure what qualifies as ‘going viral’, but at 250k views in a couple days, it seems headed there if it isn’t yet.

Attention, “Star Wars” Fans: The iPhone Lightsaber Duel is Coming

So I’ll admit to downloading the first Lightsaber iPhone app. And this bluetooth-based multiplayer version certainly ups the ante. Sold!

Facebook, The Tool Of Big Brother?

The idea is simple. Govt agencies like the FBI and DEA are using Facebook to lure and track suspects across a number of potential infractions. On the surface, it’s almost funny to think that some FBI agent could be posing as a cute girl to lure a criminal into confessing something stupid online. Of course, if it goes beyond the FBI and some ‘stupid criminal’ to monitoring general citizen activity, that presents another picture. And while the intent may be different between those two, the basic activities are identical. More privacy regulation fun ahead.

The Current State of Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sometimes I like data just for the way it’s presented. These charts are a lesson in info design. It’s also interesting to note how the majority of Twitter users have posted so few times. I’d guess squatters are making a fairly big impact, but still a very high percentage of “users” rarely use it. Also interesting is the days of the week. It still looks like a heavy workplace distraction that spills over into the commute home or drinks after work.

Google TV: Five Burning Questions – Yahoo! News

I don’t usually like speculating on things too far out in the future. As Wired magazine once said, It’s virtually impossible to predict technology more than 6 months out. But this article brings up some great scenarios to consider, and involves speculation on the future of advertising. I also think the idea of Web-capable TV will probably happen fast. I could almost see people forgoing home computers, and bridging the gap with mobile phones and a Web-enabled TV.

New Ad Opps Abound at Airports, in the Air – MarketingVOX

If you fly much, you likely noticed the increase in ads popping up everywhere; from security bins to seat trays. The new interactive displays are not only showing up at airports, but in downtown areas as well. Triggered by motion (the one’s I’ve seen), they’re a fun technology, but I haven’t seen them really used that creatively yet. Opportunity alert!

4 New APIs: a Job Search API, a Movies API, a Book Metadata API, and an API for Researchers

A short article about some new APIs. Keep up on these. They’re the backbone of innovative marketing solutions of the future.

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